Token Distribution


XTAR is the Dogstarcoin token. Distribution focuses on encouraging community growth and engagement, with rewards for learning and progress.

1,000,000,000 XTAR token have been issued at the genesis and will be vested over the course of 8 years.

Token info

Asset code / ticker: XTAR


Home domain:

First transaction: 2021-12-19 Issuer account lock status: Locked Asset type: Credit_alphanum4 Decimal: 7 Asset authorization flags: Immutable

XTAR Allocation

  • ICO - 15% Pulic Sale. sold: XTAR Circulating

  • Terry Ecosystem - 34,42% Terry Ecosystem: Community, Marketing, Rewards, airdrop, wrapped, Foundation & DAO, Advisors 2 years lock then unlock with a 6 year vesting: 34,420,000,000 XTAR

  • Burn - 30,58% As Terry Ecosystem's wallet realises XTAR... the burning wallet burn XTAR at a similar rate. 2 years lock then unlock with a 6 year vesting: 30,580,000,000 XTAR

  • Private investors - 15% Offered to investors. 2 years lock then unlock with a 6 year vesting: XTAR

  • Team - 5% Granted to Dogstar core team. 2 years lock then unlock over 2 years vesting: 5,000,000,000 XTAR

XTAR circulation schedule

Community driven

At the core of Dogstar Coin distribution lais the community. Rewards & Marketing represents the majority of token distribution as we want to make sure that contributors, Dosgtar & DogstarLeague users and XTAR fandogs are the ones pushing liquidity to the markets!

All contributions payed with XTAR have a vesting shcedule designed to controll when & how XTARs get in to the market.

After almost two years without issuing tokens to the market apart from the initial ICO (January 2022 to January 2024) as we have dedicated ourselves to building our products, winning awards and building our reputation. We think the time has come to restructure our token allocation with some small changes to allow us to pick up speed, now it's time to let the world know that Dogstar the "Not Just The stellar Meme coin" exists.

A wallet with +30B XTAR tokens already to burn is the second major allocation. Yes, +30% of the tokens will be burn through different events!


The ICO carried out in early 2022 dropped a total of 15B XTAR into the market. Since then, some additional tokens have flowed into the market, primarly through rewarded liquidity pools.

Terry Ecosystem

With the tokens hosted on Terry, we will provide liquidity to the market as our community expands, whether in the form of rewards or airdrops. To expand our community we have to encourage collaborators, advisors and when it is time to pay for sustainable advertising, we love "to the moon!" but let's accompany it with professional and educational products. The remaining tokens in this wallet will be used to manage the Foundation that will manage the decentralized future of Dogstar through a DAO.

$XTAR AIRDROP #1 Closed & Distributed: 192,900,000 XTAR on February 21st, 2022.


As a project that is trying to make its way into this wild ecosystem, some tokens are reserved for potential Dogstar investors. So far, no tokens have been sold to investors as we intend to have deals only if those are 100% benefitial for the community!


A small portion of XTAR is allocated for the core team. As it's set usually to a 20% of token allocation, the team barks so hard for Dogstar that was confortable with just a 5% of the total suply. Of course, with a vesting period!


While others BRRRRRRRR BRRRRRRRRRRRR paper "money" we destroy the assets we issued from air.. Dedicating part of the asset allocation directly to Burn is a meme in itself with which, since the genesis of the project, we intend to educate financially by awakening interest and doubt in our community.

+30B XTAR tokens already to burn is the second major allocation. Yes, +30% of the tokens will be burned through different events!

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