DeFi Plarform

The Dogstar platform is a gamified DeFi interface built on Stellar that aims to onboard the next waves of users into the ecosystem.

Dogstar is a DeFi play & learn platform that gamifies your crypto experience The Dogstar platform is a all in one place where you can hold your stellar assets in our DogWallet, trade, swap or provide liquidity.


  • Portfolio, info about assets and positions of the address wallet connected

  • DogWallet: A web wallet, allowing user to interact with web app using smartphone

  • Terry info, popup explanations about main DeFi concepts

  • AMM tool to execute swaps between pairs in the stellar AMM

  • LP tool to provide liquidity on stellar liquidity pools

  • Trade, tool to trade the order book market of the SDEX

  • Charts: Pairs, Assets and Pools

  • Integration with three browser wallets: Freighter, Rabet, Xbull

  • An astonishing design carefully curated!

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