Sign In & fund your DogWallet

Now that you have a DogWallet, it kind of make sense that you fund it with some XTAR tokens to enter Terry's world, right?

Find all relevant information about XTAR in the Whitepaper section

Dogstar's token is XTAR, and it lives in Stellar's ecosystem, which token is XLM. The easiest way to get XTAR is by exchanging XLM token for XTAR token. Why? Because XLM can be bought in any Centralized Exchange (CEX), which is far more convinient for new users as its on-ramp user experience is quite good. Find here information on how to get your XLM in a CEX and how to withdraw them to you DogWallet.

XTAR token can be only bought in Stellar's DEX

Log In

Just head to and connect your DogWallet. You'll have to introduce the user (email) and password you set up when creating the DogWallet.

If you don't have a DogWallet yet, click here to create one! It just take two minutes, jump to the guide if you need assistance.

Recieve Funds

Once you are logged in, it's time to start interacting within the ecosystem. Recieving funds is quite easy but if you're not familiar with this ecosystem, take your time to understand the process. First time is always challenging!

Know you Stellar address

We'll need to know you Stellar address to send funds into it. Once your wallet is connected, just click the "Recieve" button and you wallet will show up. You can also click over your user to copy your stellar address.

Send funds to it

Depending on where your're interacting from, the process my vary. But bottom line, all procesess are the same:

  1. Get XLM token (Stellar's token) in a CEX or DEX

  2. Withdraw the funds to you DogWallet Address

Getting XLM

Find here some hints on how to buy your XLM to then withdraw them to your DogWallet.



Remember! The asset that you can trade in Stellar's ecosystem for XTAR is XLM (Stellar Lumens)

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