Rewarded Pools

A liquidity pool is a dual-asset market that's created when liquidity providers lock an equal amount of two tokens. From there, buyers and sellers can SWAP directly against this liquidity without wait

Earn profits for providing liquidity

By participating as a liquidity provider, users have the potential to receive a portion of the trading fees generated within the pool. Participants collect these fees when they withdraw their assets from the pool. The fee rate on Stellar is equal to 0.30%. These fees are completely separate from the network fees.

Furthermore, users can seize the opportunity to accrue hourly profits when the pool is incentivized by one or more of the projects that sponsor the pool. which are automatically credited to their accounts.

Pool Shares

Any eligible participant can deposit assets into a liquidity pool, and in return, receive pool shares representing their ownership of that asset. If there are 150 total pool shares and one user owns 30, they are entitled to withdraw 20% of the liquidity pool asset at any time.

Our rewarded Pools

Thanks to the Grant obtained in the AQUARIUS DAO on December 12, 2023. Two of the pools where XTAR participates obtain rewards every hour in $AQUA.

Dogstar delivers a second incentive to these pools with hourly rewards on XTAR. So a Liquidity provider will get every hour from the moment it inserts liquidity to the pool:

Rewards in $AQUA and rewards in $XTAR

Risks Impermanent Loss

Assets held in the AMM Account will be incorporated into the liquidity pool for automated market making. Potential impermanent losses may arise due to fluctuations in asset prices, leading to changes in the ratio of the two assets with the price movements. As the price ratio eventually reverts, impermanent losses gradually diminish, and users can ultimately realize profits from participating in liquidity provision.

Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this whitepaper should not be taken as financial advice. Dogstarcoin app it’s incorporating unfinished, risky, and highly experimental technology. Development priorities, roadmaps, and features are subject to radical overhaul based on research, traction, feedback from the community, and a myriad of other factors.

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