Imagine a world…. where traders and gamers come together to conquer financial markets dominated by evil AI.

Welcome to The Dogstar League. Follow the bone or Take profit!

The Dogstar League is a Play to Learn to Earn game where any user can participate, and the best gamers can build up their reputation, while newbies PLAY & LEARN without any risk. It is not a demo! To do this, you just have to open a Dogwallet and create your profile.

The Dogstar League includes 2 games, happening at the same time:

Game 1 - Individual (all vs all) Game 2 - Team (all vs HAW-AI)

Dogstar League Genesis:

The High Advanced Will AI (HAW-AI) has taken political control of nations, central banks, and tyrannically governs humanity. While chaos reigns on the planet, a small group of crypto Freaks, with the help of the intergalactic dog Terry, originally from Alpha Canis Maioris, has managed to build the resistance through a parallel system of payments and exchanges outside the control of HAW-AI. GameSpot was just the beginning! Terry has recruited traders & Gamers!

HAW-AI wants to build an absolutely balanced world with equitable distribution. In exchange, he demands our freedom. Act like a human and compete in trading with other humans to defeat the HAW-AI dominated market. Ready?

Let Terry guide and lead us: "Hey, puppy! You seem to have just arrived in the league. You may try to make some friends, but I suggest you start reading the following lines. Nobody knows how much time you will stand there, but everyone will try to steal what you are producing!"

Game 1:

Let me explain first about the individual game (all vs all). Do you want to achieve glory?

The goal of the game is to reach the best position on the leaderboard to enter the prize zone. How?

First, generate profits with the tokens that the sponsor gives to users at the start of the round. The sponsors are allies of Terry who generously collaborate to train new minds against the control of HAW-AI.

To generate profit and improve your position on the leaderboard, players must put their trading and investment strategies into practice. The playground will be real on the Stellar blockchain, and players will be able to hold, trade (buy and sell), swap, and add liquidity.

At your disposal, you will have the charts with their tools courtesy of TradingView, as well as some charts with all the information on each asset, pair, and liquidity pool available.

The Dogstar League is divided into 5-day rounds. A countdown will indicate the beginning and end of each round. At the start of the round, Dogstar will distribute the same amount of sponsor tokens equally to all players. We will call this initial: Sponsored Token.

At the end of the round, the top 10 players, the ones with the most sponsored tokens, will enter the prize zone. However, if you do not enter the prize zone but you got to generate profit, you can keep the profits.

For example:

If the sponsor is XTAR and I got 1000 XTAR tokens to start with and I finish with 1100 XTAR, I have earned 100 tokens (10%), and my profit will be reflected on the leaderboard. Finally, Profits and Prizes will be distributed from your on-game wallet to your DogWallet at the end of the round.

Game 2:

HAW-AI dominates and represents the market. At the start of the round, our sponsor distributes the same amount of tokens to all players. Let's imagine that there are 100,000 tokens, and the round begins.

Now let's imagine that at the end of the round, the sum of all the players is 105,000 tokens. That is, between all of us, we have more tokens than at the beginning, so we have stolen tokens from HAW-AI we have defeated it!

Finally, I want to motivate you, and for that reason, just for playing, using your referral, swapping, trading, or adding liquidity during the round, you will be rewarded with TERRY's: my most precious gift.

TERRY is necessary to reach new levels. There are 10 levels. Levels will be necessary to unlock game features in the future.

For now, TERRY's will be the way to represent the activity of each player, not necessarily about the profitability of each player. The TERRY will accumulate in your on-game wallet of your profile. Your on-game wallet is just to play and controlled by the Dogstar League.

Every round, The Dogstar League will reset your on-game wallet, but not your TERRY’s. If you lose tokens during the league, it is okay! That is why they are there to play, learn, and stumble! Do not be confused with the DogWallet; that one is fully controlled by you, and no one has access, only you! Keep your passwords in a safe place! If you have managed to generate profits during the round, you must click on the claim button, and these will be sent to your DogWallet.

Do not forget to visit the banners; thanks to them, we can distribute free tokens,, they are the engine of the Dogstar League.

I wish you lots of luck! Although to find fortune... you have to look for it!

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