We're proud of the intergalacic travel we've done so far. As the journey is far far away of being over, here we just take a moment to think about some acomplishments

Community Recognitions


Dogstar was born in December 2021 and made a Initial Coin offering in January 2022. We managed to sell XTAR in just 24h!

This represents a 15% of the total XTAR supply and so far, no more liquidity has been added to the market.

Stellar BootCamp finalist

On April 2023 we join the Stellar BootCamp, where we developed a key feature for the DogstarLeague: an acution SmartContract (SC) to manage the sponsors bids. We were a finalist project on that edition.

Stellar Comunity Funds (SCF - 16)

In May 2023, we were awarded by the SCF with $71.200 to develop an MVP of the DogstarLeague! The MVP is already live. Feel free to jump in and join the Dogstar League!

Aquarius Grant

In December 2023 we were granted by Aquarius Stellar project with 60.000.000 AQUA to incentivize XTAR Liquidity Pools & for AQUA to become a Sponsor of the DogstarLeague

Product delivery achievements

DeFi Platform

We launched the DeFi platform in late 2022 and since then, we keep improving it


In September 2023 we realised the Dogwallet, a key functionallity to bring to live the DogstarLeague!


DogstarLeague MVP came to live in January 2024, with the first ever round game round played in a test environment

Auction SC

As part of our Bootcamp participation, we developed the firts Auction SmartContract in Soroban!

LP Rewarded

The team managed to start rewarding XTAR Liquidity Pools. Now, XTAR-XLM and XTAR-AQUA pools distribute rewards every hour!

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