Just to be clear

Dogstarcoin is committed to transparency and highlights the importance of Terry, our mascot from Alfa Canis Majoris. Terry the bull terrier is the meme of Dogecoin, but with a unique approach. In all our communications and within the app, Terry will use his charisma to deliver educational messages and financial lessons in a friendly and fun way. This approach seeks to make financial education accessible and attractive to all Dogstarcoin users and will provide regular updates on the project's progress.

Although the appearance and initial approach were inspired by memecoins, the project goes beyond superficiality. Additionally, Dogstarcoin is excited to collaborate with the development of the SOROBAN smart contract platform on Stellar and plans to implement functionality through SOROBAN smart contracts once the mainnet is launched.

Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this whitepaper should not be taken as financial advice. Dogstarcoin app it’s incorporating unfinished, risky, and highly experimental technology. Development priorities, roadmaps, and features are subject to radical overhaul based on research, traction, feedback from the community, and a myriad of other factors.

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